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Bobby has gone on to produce his his own Music at his own studios, Citdadel which was launched in 2017 and is based in Stoke, co-Director and resident Dj of the Ibiza Hive brand, with Ibiza – Global and Space legend, Jonathan Ulysses, He also directs and runs with his team a multitude of other brands , and includes Basement Unified, Basement presents, Breakthrough, Distintive solo sessions, Basement u18s Events, which all give new up and coming & seasoned talent a platform to play within the Stoke On Trent.
Not one for standing still, he is also owner at Stoke’s Readers’ choice club venue winner of the year 2018, in Staffordshire – Stoke on trents, Basement, established in 2011, which has also seen 1000’s of revelers through its doors over the years, including numerous high profile DJ and artists . It also acts as a music hub within the city, giving service to the masses and bringing underground sounds and vibes of many genres ,consistently weekly.
Bobby Danavan has also spent many seasons over in the white isle, and actively supports the last night a Dj saved my life foundation, founded by adventure and forward-thinking director of the foundation, Jonny Lee. has palyed alongside  many a well versed veterans, including the likes of Utah Saints,Altern 8, Jonanthan Ulysess, Mike Catherall,Tristian Ingram, Nick Coles,Les Hemstock, Damon Hess, Nick Rafferty, to drum and bass artists in his early days such Grooverider, Dj SS , Ratty, to  hard techno inovators such as  HMS, Loftgroover, Mark E G to name but a few at an array of events and parties with his distinctive sounds   in the Midlands and at the majority of venues  across  Stoke on Trent and  Staffordshire. Bobby’s taste and skills have been moulded by his vast music taste which sets dance floors off with his unique style of playing.

From co running the Monkee brand with partners, Chris Lawes, Steve summers & Glenn Moloney which toured round at most venues in its Day in Stoke & Staffordshire including Keele K2 club,and Staffs University and venues in Holland, to giging at  the Ritz in Manchester, Savahanas Ibiza, to more recent parties including Basement Unified held at LRV & Verve to other intimate venues in Congleton & Macclesfield with more recent gigs at  Pacha & Moabeza over in  Cape verde.

It’s all about the music, pushing new boundaries and the chase of putting new ideas together and executing them, a mover and shaker, who Knows what’s next …

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