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ClubBasement, Stoke

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ClubBasement, Stoke

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ClubBasement, Stoke

Bobby Danavan started out in his early days within the scene with his insatiable passion for all things rave & parties, back in the noughties, at the age of 13 it was only a matter of time before it become an obsession for him with his first enterprise running a mobile Disco in his youth days .

Since his wake up call within the electronic dance industry, Bobby has promoted and been involved with 100’s of events over the years within in the Midlands including, some might say illegal raves held in some of the country’s most obscure places in the county

Back in the 90s he was known by the alias of Bobby De zero. A Co-owner of two Record shops feeding the vibe out to like-minded party heads. Bobby also ran an underground record shop back in 1999 for three years with partners, Chris Duffy and Stephen Avision,. its first shop opening its doors in Newcastle under Lyme,  It made sense to base a Studio within the basement of the business premises, which went under the name of  Experimental studio’s,  with his co band Members “Experimental”  which also  played at venues across Stafforshire and Stoke with James Alexander, (Jamskie) & Marc.  Bobby Later, opened a   second sholp based over in Cadishead, Manchester.  Both called Distortion Records.


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